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Project New Hope Canada is a not-for-profit, non-political, educational and humanitarian organization. Its mission is to provide veterans and their families the education, training and skills necessary to manage their lives after operational service through the provision of family retreats, seminars and workshops.

We are looking into a number of camps that may be used in whatever area is most convenient for our clientele and the dates chosen. Some camps are fully staffed while others will be staffed by our capable volunteer staff.

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Project New Hope supports spousal retreat

Caption: Don and Carolyn Adamko (left), directors with Project New Hope Canada present cheque to Christine Howell, Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program.

Project New Hope Canada, a South Interlake based organization that supports veterans with combat-related operational stress injuries, and their families donated $6,000 towards a combined Winnipeg and Shilo Spousal Retreat.

It is expected 25 spouses will attend this year’s retreat in Russell during weekend of Oct. 14 to 16.

During the retreat, the spouses will attend several workshops to learn stress management skills, as well as share positive experiences with peers. This weekend will provide an opportunity to increase their resiliency, so they can return to their home environments better prepared to provide support to their spouses suffering from operational stress injuries.

This is the third retreat Project New Hope has supported in the past three years. The previous two were in Russell in 2015 for 27 spouses and in Hecla in 2014 for 12 spouses/caregivers.

Christine Howell, Shilo Family Peer Support co-ordinator, Operational Stress Injury Social Support Program is the dedicated team lead on this extremely valuable retreat.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Project New Hope Canada’s fund raising initiatives to make these retreats possible.

Published in The StoneWall Argus on Friday, September 23, 2016.
Submitted by Project New Hope.